Support the development of  God s’ Margarita by purchasing some of the most unique assets in the whole wide world. 10% of every sale will be donated to various institutions for the support of human rights, the environment, and natural disasters.


God s’ Margarita Polaroids 1/1

One of a kind – Non-repetitive polaroids from the lands of AI Legave.



God s’ Margarita Poster 5/20

Collective God s’ Margarita Poster of Reniat Noc.



God s’ Margarita Postcard 20/200

Unique God ‘s Margarita postcards to say hi to a faraway friend



God s’ Margarita coffee cup 4/ 20

Acquire the strength of Reniat Noc with a cup of coffee in his favorite cup.



~ More are coming soon ~

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