Top Down or Third Person Camera?

In God s’ Margarita you can have both Top Down or Third Person Camera! This decision is made because of the game experience. The Top Down camera gives a better understanding towards the size of the character in comparison to the vast environments he finds himself in. It also provides a more storytelling point ofContinue reading “Top Down or Third Person Camera?”

Some game art conceptual sketches

During the creation of my game, I spend most of the time constructing the environment in my head while I take notes and draw some sketches to visualize my ideas. For me, this is one of the most important parts of the development as it consists the roots of the game’s final form and experience.Continue reading “Some game art conceptual sketches”

The music of God s’ Margarita

One of the most essential parts of God s’ Margarita creation is the musical pieces that someone can find in the memory scenes and the ending credits. The music I am using is from all around the world and in many different dialects. Most of them were written at least 20 years ago, and nowContinue reading “The music of God s’ Margarita”

God s’ Margarita Episode 3 Game Design

Episode 3 of God s’ Margarita is taking place in a … with many … As you may already know all models are made in Blender and with the final rendering taking place in Unity Engine. All models are low poly colored by only some primary colors to achieve the unique graphics of the game.Continue reading “God s’ Margarita Episode 3 Game Design”

God s’ Margarita BETA on Android

  Hi, fellow developers and gamers! God s’ Margarita is a game about friendship, conscience, culture, and life in an environment conquered by war and a totalitarian regime led by an oppressor called A… Reniat Noc (The red-suited human from AI Legave) starts a dangerous journey through the vast environments of his homeland to find out who is calling him afterContinue reading “God s’ Margarita BETA on Android”