Top Down or Third Person Camera?

In God s’ Margarita you can have both Top Down or Third Person Camera! This decision is made because of the game experience. The Top Down camera gives a better understanding towards the size of the character in comparison to the vast environments he finds himself in. It also provides a more story telling point of view to the game as the viewer takes the position of an observer. In the other hand the Third Person Camera view provides the game with a more action based feeling and it lets the player have a better understanding of his-her location in the game. The player is also able to get closer to the character thus getting more connected to Reniat Noc’s position, experiencing the game from the inside.

Here is a demo video to demonstrate the new Camera transportation between the Top Down or Third Person view. In the future I will also develop a AI for obstacle avoidance so that the camera won’t pass through the environment’s meshes.







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