God s’ Margarita Episode 3 Game Design

Episode 3 of God s’ Margarita is taking place in a … with many …

As you may already know all models are made in Blender and with the final rendering taking place in Unity Engine. All models are low poly colored by only some basic colors to achieve the unique graphics of the game. Here are some screenshots of the process :

God s margarita gif

After I create some more props for the scenery like stones, wood planks, old boxes, bones, etc.  I start to develop the scene in Unity.  The environment is constructed based on the feelings I want to communicate, while every technical aspect is based on Reniat Noc’s characteristics like scale, speed physics and animations.

God s margarita gif 2

Adding just some random details, it is never enough. In the creation of an environment everyrhing is about values and story. Every little thing has a meaning and a tale to tell. The mettal barrel next to the river, the nets left on the ground, the electric engine inside an undeveloped habitat. The poor materials with which this house it is made. All those are signs of a life and what gives life to God s’ Margarita.

Around the house gif



God s’ Margarita / EP1_ P3_S1

Fürstentum Liechtenstein2018


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