God s’ Margarita BETA on Adroid

God's Margarita


Hi, fellow developers and gamers!

God s’ Margarita is a game about friendship, conscience, culture, and life in an environment conquered by war and a totalitarian regime led by an oppressor called A…

Reniat Noc (The red-suited human from AI Legave) starts a dangerous journey through the vast environments of his homeland to find out who is calling him after hiding in a hole for two years. In the road ahead he is about to find his self into many adventures, challenging situations and the history that formed the scene he leaves in.

On May 29 of 2017 God s’ Margarita BETA got published on Play Store. Feel free to download the BETTA and share your opinion about the game and the gameplay.


The BETA version is far from finalized as there will be changes in the environment design, in the controls and the overall game experience. Although you can get a taste of the final version.




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